For many of these families, caring for their kids is a full-time job; the extra time, energy, and funds for travel are hard to come by.

We make adventure and relaxation attainable for them.

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We are proud to partner with Acorn: Partners in Education, our neighbor non-profit based here in Point Arena, CA. The Grace Project in partnership with ACORN is a registered 501(c)(3) in the state of California. They have more than three decades of experience fostering healthy education and youth programs. 

With their services and guidance, we can keep our administrative costs down. ACORN also helps us keep our funds, and donor information protected under the highest security standards.

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Having a special needs child is extremely rewarding and utterly demanding. Especially during the early years, getting away for an hour is almost impossible, and a vacation is out of the question.

Yet, no one needs a vacation more. If the logistics and economics of a family trip weren’t so overwhelming, it would do a lot of good for everyone. A trip together is a great way for a family to celebrate the hard work they’ve done and return to normal life renewed.

The Grace Project is dedicated to helping families with special needs children travel. The idea was born, like so many good ideas, on the road.

Grace Project co-founder Prometheus Glover and his wife T’ai welcomed their daughter Gracie into their life in 2001. Gracie has agenesis of the corpus callosum, and requires constant assistance from her parents.

When the Glovers’ friend, champion martial artist Urijah Faber, offered them ringside seats to a world title match in Las Vegas in 2011, the couple knew they couldn’t miss it. They also knew they couldn’t leave Gracie behind, even for a night. So they teamed up with some friends, including Gracie’s special education teacher, and set out on a road trip.

The caravan stopped in Yosemite and spent a week at a retreat in Nevada. The joy and sense of relief was overwhelming. Prometheus, T’ai and their fellow travelers had full hearts and rested spirits by the time the fight rolled around.

In a very close match, Urijah lost the championship that night, but a victory was scored for families with special needs children. Prometheus and Urijah decided to team up to help more special needs families find the satisfaction and relaxation that the Glovers experienced on their trip. Soon after, the Grace Project opened its office downstairs from Urijah’s training facility in Point Arena, California.

“The cause hits home for me,” says Urijah. “My brother is special needs, and he takes up a lot of time and attention from our family. We love him a lot, but it is time consuming. We know there are people everywhere doing the same thing, and we’d like to reward those people with a vacation and peace of mind.”


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Everyone wants new wheels for Christmas. We have made a lot of progress this year, but we want to end with a BANG! Our Christmas Wheels Donation Drive will help us provide more locations with our DeBug Beach Wheelchairs…


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